Wood Poles

Keep Your Wood Poles and Their Components Safe and Operational

Without regular maintenance and inspection of your wood poles, you could be putting the public at risk. Don’t wait for a catastrophic failure. Take proactive action to protect your wood poles and their components with a wood pole asset management program with Exo.

Take proactive action to protect your wood poles and their components with a wood pole asset management program

Oftentimes, wood poles are damaged by machinery and equipment on farms, vehicles on highways, climate hazards such as rain and hail, or storm damage such as tornadoes. Once a wood pole has been damaged, it opens up the wood itself to future issues, such as decay, splinting, pest infestation, and other decaying hazards like mold and mildew. Once the wood is compromised, it can eventually fail. 

At Exo, we know some accidents can’t be avoided, especially due to weather. But ignoring damaged assets will cause major liability issues for the asset owner. 

When Exo goes into the field to inspect wood poles, nondestructive testing methods are implemented. Exo can determine the remaining load capacity of a wood pole and gather actionable data to understand its current strength in relation to the original load cases. When this information is gathered, we can then make a plan to remediate or replace your wood assets. Oftentimes, total replacement is unnecessary, saving the asset owner money. Exo designs, fabricates, and installs, splints and other reinforcements to wood poles so that the pole can reach its full lifecycle. Whether you need remediations or total replacement, we will work with you and your budget to offer turnkey solutions.

Our Approach 

Our experienced engineers and technicians perform a conditional assessment on every wood pole component, excavate below grade to understand exactly where the damage exists and to what extent, and perform needed remediations and repairs. 

For optimal grid resiliency, you need to implement a full lifecycle management program. Once an asset management program has been implemented, you can expect to see your wood poles reach their full intended lifecycle with our turnkey solutions every step of the way. We understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of wood poles and their components. Together, we can improve asset reliability with the most comprehensive asset management solution in the industry. Ex-Tendis our unparalleled, data-driven, full lifecycle asset management approach that we apply to every service to empower you to proactively care for and increase the lifespan of your commercial lighting assets.

Test and Treat
Structural Repairs
Fire Protection
Wood Poles

Exo wood pole inspections may include:

  • Visual and sound inspection
  • Sound and bore inspection
  • Partial and selective excavation
  • Full excavation
  • Sound and bore fumigant
  • Quality pole inspection
  • Farm pole inspection and repair
  • Highway pole inspection and repair
  • Commercial Lighting Control Systems
  • Streetlight bulb and fixture repair
  • Engineering/design review
  • Online portal and data access

Exo wood pole inspections provide:

  • Actionable data to execute maintenance programs
  • Unbiased, expert results
  • Recommendations for repairs/replacements
  • High-quality images
  • A quantifiable grade assigned to each wood asset
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