Quality Assurance Services

Initial assurance of quality ensures an increase in asset reliability.

Implementing a quality standards program throughout your organization is a challenge, especially when you rely on outside suppliers. Prior to selecting suppliers, you need to know they have the equipment, personnel and processes to handle the project. With over 100 years of combined professional experience in inspection, evaluation, remediation and manufacturing; Exo has the expertise you need to assure your assets are manufactured to the highest quality.


Build it right the first time, and your assets become more reliable.

From steel to concrete to fiberglass composite, we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with assets. Our expertise means we can spot issues before they cause problems and help you correct them right away.


Exo has expertise in establishing protocols that help infuse quality into every asset you create, buy, or manage. Our team verifies the quality of your assets during all stages of fabrication with thorough in-plant quality control. From welding to galvanizing, quality assurance to production, we are your eyes and ears during the entire process. Field issues are minimized or eliminated when Exo monitors the fabrication process for your project.


We know the questions to ask, the specifications to set, and the practices to develop that ensure your high quality standards are met.

Quality Program Development
Comprehensive In-plant Inspections
Auditing & Expediting Services
Quality Assurance
  • Code, standards and specification compliance
  • Supplier assessment
  • Supplier process controls
  • Daily activity reporting
  • Non-conformance reporting and tracking
  • In-process sampling
  • Post fabrication inspection and testing
  • Asset defect identification
  • RFI/RFP consultation
  • Project monitoring and expediting
  • Specification development
Industries Served
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